Planarian Genome and Genetics (2016)


Guo L, Zhang S, Rubinstein B, Ross EJ, Sánchez Alvarado A, Widespread maintenance of genome heterozygosity in Schmidtea mediterranea. Nature Ecology & Evolution 1, 0019 (2016)

We established robust procedures to have the sexual planarians produce hatchlings whenever we need them and established a 10-generation inbreeding pedigree, from which we uncovered a non-Mendelian phenomenon.

Planarian Genome and Genetics (2022)


Guo L#, Bloom J, Dols-Serrate D, Boocock J, David E, Schubert O, Kozuma K, Ho K, Warda E, Chui C, Wei Y, Leighton D, Vergara TL, Riutort M, Sánchez Alvarado A, Kruglyak L#. Island specific evolution of a sex-primed autosome in Schmidtea mediterranea. Nature June, 2022
# co-corresponding,


With single chromosome sequencing, we established a chromosome-scale genome assembly, from which we found the non-Mendelian inherited planarian genome is chromosome 1. Chromosome 1 has multiple features of an emerging sex chromosome. As sexual planarians are simultaneous hermaphrodites, we termed this chromosome a sex-primed autosome.

Gecko Genetic and Phenotypic diversity (2021)

Cancer metastasis

Guo L#Bloom J, Sykes S, Huang E, Kashif Z, Pham E, Ho K, Alcaraz A, Xiao X, Duarte-Vogel S, Kruglyak L#. Genetics of white color and irridophoroma in “Lemon Frost” leopard geckos. PLoS Genet, 17(6): e1009580, (2021)
# co-corresponding

The skin cancer in Lemon Frost geckos spontaneously metastasize to the liver. With whole genome sequencing and RAD sequencing, we mapped the genetic loci that caused the Lemon Frost phenotype to a tumor suppressor, SPINT1.

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